Baby birth is one of the happiest days in our lives. This event is very important both for parents of the child and for other relatives and friends.

Of course, a father of a newborn experiences only the most positive emotions. But even his feelings are incomparable to the mood of a young woman, who has just got the status of a mother. This woman felt the beating of a little heart inside for 9 months. It was she who kept talking to a baby day and night.

There are hundreds of ways to congratulate a young mom with one of the most significant days in her life, Some choose clothes and toys for a newborn or other accessories. But flowers are the most classical present for a young mother. However, you should be careful when choosing a bouquet for a newborn and his mom, because some of the flowers can cause allergic reactions. So, how to avoid mistakes?

First of all, a chosen composition should have a delicate fragrance. Any strong aroma can provoke disgust or allergy. If you are choosing a “maternity” bouquet, you should give preference to gerberas, roses or chrysanthemums. These flowers have a mild aroma, which is quite permissible for a newborn and his mom. Besides, it is necessary to avoid exotic flowers. Any kind of unusual plants may provoke severe allergic reaction, headache or other malaise.

You should also forget about painted flowers and artificial fillers. If you want to please a young mom – present a completely natural bouquet. There shouldn’t be also any sequins on the leaves. The packaging for flowers should also be hypoallergenic and does not emit any odor.

These are the most basic criteria for choosing a bouquet for a young mother and a new baby. The best way is to order flowers at the professional florist for this occasion. An experienced specialist knows all the nuances and you shouldn’t worry about anything. If you live in Naperville, the only thing you should do is to contact Florist Queen and order delivery without any problem. It is a good news that to send new baby flowers Naperville is so simple. The website of Florist Queen is very simple to use, the catalogue of flowers impresses with its abundance. No one will remain indifferent to a great variety of floral masterpieces offered by the company. A beautiful bouquet is a wonderful way to express you appreciation and please your loved ones and friends.